Fire Hydrant System
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Fires are a major concern in India, especially in urban areas where there are high-rise buildings and commercial complexes. In such scenarios, it’s imperative to have a well-maintained fire hydrant system in place. Fire hydrant systems are one of the most critical components of fire safety, and their proper use can save lives and property. In this article, we will discuss the step-by-step guide on how to use a fire hydrant system for fire safety in India. 

Step-by-Step Guide: 

1. Identify the location of the fire hydrant system:

The first step is to locate the fire hydrant system. In India, fire hydrants are typically located outside the building or complex, close to the main entrance. In case of a fire, it’s essential to know the exact location of the fire hydrant to respond quickly. 

2. Notify the authorities:

In case of a fire, it’s crucial to notify the authorities immediately. Dial 101, which is the national emergency number, and report the fire. The fire department will respond promptly and arrive at the scene. 

3. Know how to operate the fire hydrant:

Once the fire department arrives, they will take charge of the situation. However, it’s essential to know how to operate the fire hydrant in case of an emergency. Fire hydrants are typically operated by a valve, which is located at the base of the hydrant. The valve can be turned on by using a wrench or a special tool. It’s essential to know how to use this tool and operate the valve correctly. 

4. Connect the hose to the hydrant:

Once the valve is open, the next step is to connect the hose to the fire hydrant. Fire hoses are typically stored in a reel or a cabinet near the fire hydrant. Pull out the hose and attach it to the hydrant’s outlet. Make sure that the hose is securely fastened to the hydrant. 

5. Turn on the water supply:

Once the hose is attached, turn on the water supply. The water will start flowing through the hose, and you can direct the water jet towards the fire. 

6. Direct the water towards the fire:

Direct the water towards the base of the fire. Do not aim the water at the flames, as it can spread the fire. Instead, aim the water towards the source of the fire, which will help extinguish the flames. 

7. Follow the instructions of the fire department:

While using the fire hydrant, it’s crucial to follow the instructions of the fire department. They will guide you on how to use the fire hydrant correctly and help you direct the water towards the fire effectively. 

Facts and Research: 

In India, fires are a significant cause of accidents and loss of life. According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), there were 1,57,073 fire incidents reported in India in 2019, which resulted in 17,700 deaths. A well-maintained fire hydrant system can significantly reduce the risk of fires and minimize the damage caused by them. 

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has laid down guidelines for the installation and maintenance of fire hydrant systems in India. The BIS recommends that fire hydrants should be installed at intervals of not more than 45 meters and should be visible and accessible. The BIS also recommends regular inspection and maintenance of fire hydrants to ensure their proper functioning. 


Fire hydrant systems are an essential component of fire safety in India. It’s essential to know how to use them correctly in case of an emergency. The step-by-step guide mentioned above will help you use a fire hydrant system effectively. It’s also crucial to ensure that fire hydrants are regularly inspected and maintained to ensure their proper functioning. 

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